An Update, and Giveaway

I’ve been meaning to update! I feel like a rotten blogger. I’ve stuck to using myfitnesspal app to track and watch my food intake, but I’ve been lax on getting my cardio in. This last month has not been good for me with regards to my anxiety and depression, and as a result of it going untreated (which I am planning on remedying soon!) I have not been doing good at staying at my calorie/carb goals.

Since starting, I have gone down from a 22 in jeans to an 18 though, and from a 2x in tops to a 1x. I’m really happy with that, but I am hoping to see faster results by starting daily cardio, on a treadmill. I’m thinking a sticker chart to track my progress, so I have a daily visual and reward system. Smaller clothes is nice, but who doesn’t like prizes? I’m hoping by Spring to be in decent enough shape to start running. I’ll need good running shoes by that time though, and I’ve been leaning towards Hoka One Ones.

Now for the giveaway portion! Halcyon Yarns is having a giveaway, to celebrate their 45th Anniversary! Aside fromΒ  carrying lots of my favorite brands of yarn (Malabrigo, Cascade, Noro, Bartlett, and Henrys Attic, to name a few!) they also have their own, in house, yarn line Halcyon Yarns. The big grand prize for this giveaway is a $450 gift card to Halcyon Yarn! Imagine all the beautiful yarns you could choose! Do you spin or felt (I do!)? They also carry fiber, equipment, patterns, books, kits, and a blog with great info and shop news. If you happen to live nearby, or be visiting near Bath, Maine, you could even stop in for a visit, or take one of the classes they offer.

Let me know if you entered! If I don’t win, I’d love for a friend to win! How awesome would that be?? Also, if you run, what shoes do you like? I’ve worn nikes, but just for walking. I don’t think they would be great for my feet and running. Hope your holidays are going great!


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