Forcing Brave

This is a hard post to make. The fear of putting myself so out there, where total strangers can leave comments, has kept me from posting since my initial start here. My family and friends know what I look like, when I’m feeling my best and worst. Online though it’s easy to hide yourself. I can post selfies at just the right angle to be most flattering and usually stay behind the camera.

Today I’m going to post my “before” pictures. I’m hoping that by showing where I’m starting from, I’ll be better able to see changes and success. I’m not happy with how I look right now, nor how out of shape I am. But I am feeling a bit brave, and I think once this post is published, I’ll feel more comfortable blogging my journey.

Let’s start with a selfie! I tend to show my weight gains and losses in my face, so here is a straight forward photo:


No filter selfie

This is harder now… a front facing photo of me. I hate that this is so scary for me. . . I’m wearing a pair of The North Face tights (xl) and a tank from Walmart.


This last one is the hardest to post, because it feels like I can sort of hide in a front shot, but a side view puts it all out there. Ugh.


So there I am, in all my glory.


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